Kokkari Reopening Health,
Hygiene and Safety Protocols

In addition to our strict standards we have always adhered to, we have implemented the following measures

The restaurant has been modified to facilitate safe physical distancing for both guests and staff including limiting the number of staff attending the tables during service

Training of all employees and management on essential safety, hygiene, physical distancing, and other risks associated with operations in the workplace

Conducting a health assessment for all employees and management prior to entering the work place and isolating any staff showing symptoms or reporting any contact with persons at risk

Leaving tables vacant for at least 5 minutes after guests’ departure to completely clean and disinfect all surfaces prior to reseating

Mandatory staff briefings on latest Covid-19 updates as well as mandatory hand washing every thirty minutes

Thorough deep cleaning of the entire restaurant including all public areas, back of house service areas, office and storage space after service every evening

We ask that you sanitize your hands after entering the premises using the facilities provided in the restaurant

Use contactless payment if possible and please request assistance from management if you require payment options

Please wash and/or sanitize your hands throughout your visit and refrain from touching your face during your visit

Please maintain appropriate physical distancing between yourself and others, follow provided instructions and markers throughout the restaurant, and wear your face mask at all times when traveling through the restaurant

Please follow proper bathroom and elevator protocols during your visit, notify a staff member if you require assistance in any way, and wear your face mask at all times when not eating or drinking

We request that you refrain from entering the restaurant if you show any symptoms of Covid-19  or have had contact with any persons at risk.  We are obliged to regulate entry to the restaurant for anyone who displays or reports Covid-19 symptoms