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Kokkari: Contemporary Greek Flavors

Long before fresh, seasonal, artisanal, and local became catchwords on every food-lovers lips, the Greeks had a developed as simple and irresistible cuisine based on the day’s catch from the sea, wild greens gathered on rocky hillsides, perfectly ripened orchard fruits, and patiently prepared feta cheese and thickened yogurt.

Horta, Avgolemono, Tzatziki, Galaktoboureko. The brilliant flavors and unforgettable textures of bright lemon and fragile phyllo, the mouthwatering aroma of lamb roasting over an open fire resonate with every Greek heart and evoke strong memories of family gatherings and an age-old ethos of hospitality.

Well into its second decade, Kokkari’s founders continue to greet the stranger as a friend and welcome diners in the best warm Greek fashion to a meal they won’t soon forget. Now they invite you to try some of their favorite dishes at home, and wish you a Greek bon appetit: kali orexi!

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Cookbook & Gift Certificate Order Form

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